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Full Tuition

$3500 per month paid monthly (HKD)

(Currently Zoom only pending Covid 5th wave)

One 50 minute lesson time slot per week, regardless of how many weeks there are in the month.


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One 30 minute lesson time slot per week, regardless how many weeks there are

Half Tuition

$1800 per month paid monthly (HKD)

(Currently Zoom only pending Covid 5th wave)

(Currently Zoom only pending Covid 5th wave)

Full Tuition - $3500 per month (HKD) -  One 50 minute lesson time slot per week

Half Tuition - $1800 per month (HKD) - One 30 minute lesson time slot per week

Monthly tuition is the same no matter how many weeks there are in the month


Trial lessons are billed as a single $900 (50 min) or $500 (30 min) at time of scheduling

5% discount available for payment of 3 months in advance

You may opt out of monthly lessons by scheduling single lessons (due at time of scheduling) - $1000 (HKD) per 50 min lesson or $550 (HKD) per 30 min lesson. Note you cannot hold a lesson slot without prepayment

Cancellation policy:

a) Payment is due on the 1st of the month. Payments more than 1 week late will result in a 10% late fee without exception. Accounts more than 2 weeks overdue will have their lessons cancelled until full payment is made

b) All payments are final, lessons are not transferable. No make-up lessons will be given. If you have a conflict, you may swap for an empty time slot within the week if one is available on the online portal. Online registration closes 72 hours before the lesson time. All times are first come first served and an empty time slot is not guaranteed. You may not register for more than two of your regular lessons within 7 days. Extra lessons may be booked at an additional cost with the studio directly.


c) No makeup lessons or refunds will be given in the case of a typhoon, civil unrest, riot, act of god, or natural disaster. If a teacher is ill or cannot attend a lesson, a substitute teacher will be assigned. If no teacher is available the lesson will be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time.

d) Students with poor attendance habits may have their lessons cancelled. Such cancellation will occur before the next billing session.


e) Students showing symptoms of illness will be turned away without refund. If a student is sick but can work, the studio should be notified and the lesson will be converted to an online lesson. If the student is too sick to work they may reschedule the lesson as per normal scheduling policy via the online portal. If no time is available the lesson is forfeit, but trust in knowing that the monthly tuition model means every few months you are essentially getting a free lesson to cover this very event and rewarding families with good attendance practices.

f) Covid policy - In the event of a major covid outbreak (or at the request of the student or parent) lessons will be automatically converted to online lessons. Our teachers all hold current vaccinations.


g) By registering for lessons you agree to our data policy, which allows IPA Music to use pictures, videos, and/or recordings from lessons, events, and/or performances, for promotional or archival purposes